Blog Placements

Smaller blogs towards the top​,​ larger ones at the bottom​.​ Blogs assist in increased SEO/Google Results. 

We have narrowed down our smaller blog list. Get all 20 Sites for $75.  

Turnaround time can take anywhere from 72 hours up to 3 weeks depending on which site you chose. Email us at to take advantage of any blogs below
You must have a full write up for submission on these blogs below.
If you need my team to do the write up it’s $50

1stDayFresh – $65
Disrupt Mag – $80
Clutch Mag – $80
6ixClout TV – $80
Loading Mag – $80
Brain Bakery Mag – $80
24 Hip Hop – $80
RedX Mag – $80
Rapper Weekly – $80
DJ Iceberg – $95
HipHopSince1987 – $90
HipHop on Deck – $90
Medium – $100
Vents Magazine – $100
I am Hip Hop Mag  – $175
Hype Fresh – $175
DJ Enuff – $200
The Hype Magazine – $200
Thisis50 – $225
Influencive $350
The Source $375
NY Weekly $375
All Hip Hop $375
Lyrical Lemonade (requires editor approval) $475
LA Weekly $475

$45 each
(Google search only, not News Indexed)
Washington Times Now
The Ny Express
The London Reporter
US Republic Times
UK Republic Times
Yoast News
The Entrepreneur Story
The Influencers Story
United International News
The Musician News
The Jet News
The Insta Bulletin
The Entrepreneurship Goals
The Disrupt News
The Deluxe News
The 1 Day News
Tes Magazine
Seattle Daily Post
Rich News Plus
Perfect World News
Next Hour News
My Exclusive News
Atlanta News World
Entrepreneur Net News
First Show You
Free Hitz News
Get Universal News
Influencers Net News
London Journal News 

$60 each Google News Indexed
Time Bulletin 
Verna Magazine 
Open The News 
Sportz Weekly 
Entertainment Paper
US Times Now 

$120 each Mid-Tier Google News
The UBJ – United Business Journal 

$160 each Google News Indexed 

$185 each Mid-Tier Google News
California Herald 
American Daily Post